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The farm Efsti-Dalur is the farm farthest east in Laugardalur – “it is the last farm in the valley” before you drive across Brúará towards Biskupstungur. 

The farm location is about 100m above sea level.  Documented information about when Efsti-Dalur was first occupied are not available, but it is possible it may have been build in the first century of Iceland being populated. 

The year 1820 the farm Efsti-Dalur was split into two sections, Farm I and Farm II. Efsti-Dalur is good grassland for raising sheep, with abundant vegetation, flowers and brush. Gathering the sheep can be difficult because the land consists of deep valleys and steep land.

For a long time Efsti-Dalur was managed by the Bishop who governed Skálholt. A lot of wood was cut in the Efsti-Dalur woodlands, but a big majority of the land was also used by surrounding farms from the year 1670 to this century for sheep grazing. In the book “Lýsing Íslands 1882-1898” which means “Description of Iceland 1882-1898” Mr. Thoroddsen said that most of the woodlands south of Iceland are in Laugardal. But the most fruitful of those woodlands are at Laugardalshóla and Efstadals. 

Since 1877 the same bloodlines are still living in Efsta-Dal I and II.




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